Singapore: Day 3


Obviously this post is already looooong overdue since our Singapore trip happened LAST YEAR. Haha. Anyway, I feel uneasy about not finishing this Singapore series, so here I am writing the second to the last installment of this post.

Here are the links to my previous Singapore posts, for reference:

Day 3: City Tour/ Last Day

I stayed up late the night before as I was doing our itinerary for the day, having learned from our experiences. Haha. So I woke up sleep-deprived but still extremely excited about our agenda for the day.

At Victoria Street

We again left the hotel around 7am and headed straight to Bugis to eat breakfast. We had our breakfast at Albert Food Centre, a hawker center located right behind Bugis Village. If I remember correctly, Kel and I each had fried rice, small hotdog, and chicken nuggets. Then I got us each a huge cup of Milo Godzilla. Singaporeans are really crazy about their Iced Milo! Our meal cost us around SGD 3.00!!! Less than half of our fastfood meals! Travel Tip #8: EAT AT HAWKER CENTERS. I am not kidding. It will save lots of money which you can use for more pasalubong or for experiencing more things. To be fair though, we really wanted to eat at Hawker Centers. Will share more of this on my next post (Things I Learned).

After eating breakfast, we walked to Haji Lane to visit its famous wall graffitis. From Bugis Village we walked straight through Victoria St. then turned right at Ophir Rd (you have to cross the intersection to get there). Continue walking through Ophir Rd. then on the second street turn left, that’s already the Haji Lane. It was drizzling at that time so walking was a very difficult task to do. The stores were still closed when we got there (around 8am). Haji Lane was really a sight to see, a must-go-to when you are in Singapore. We also saw my MCS highschool classmates, Anna and Mark, at Haji Lane. Small world!

After Haji Lane, Kel and I decided to head straight to Orchard Road before going to the Merlion Park/area. From Bugis Station, we rode the Downtown Line going to Newton Station. We alighted at Newton then took the North South Line going to Orchard.

The Orchard Station is directly connected to ION Mall, one of the biggest malls in the area. Kel and I were in awe of the malls in Singapore. I think we actually looked stupid. Okay lang, di naman nila kami kilala. Haha. We took several photos inside and outside the mall. We also bought donuts from Dunkin Donuts (cost us SGD 1.75 each. TOO EXPENSIVE). Then while eating our respective donuts, I tried searching for Metrobank Singapore since I know we have a remittance office in Singapore. We found out that it was just right across the mall where we were at so we went there to visit the branch.


Apparently, it was just really a remittance center where people go to to send their money to their families in the Philippines. Kel and I also bought more pasalubongs for our families such as chocolates, additional mugs and mementos and the like. The building where we were at is actually the pinoy center of Singapore. You’d see a number of Philippine local banks, pasalubong stores, specialty stores, and even local products that are being sold. But more than all the stores and the banks, what struck Kel and I the most were the Pinoys lining up for their turn to remit their salaries. It broke my heart seeing that image. I imagined my own dad doing the same in Saudi. When I told my mom later on about this, she also made me realize how more difficult it is for my dad since he’s located at the more rural side of Saudi, compared to the OFWs in Singapore who are based in a glamorous city. It was really heartbreaking. Anyway, after buying more pasalubongs, we headed straight to the Merlion area. It was already 11am at that time. From Orchard station, we took the North South Line going to Dhoby Ghaut. We alighted at the station then took the Circle Line going to Promenade.

From Promenade, we walked 1 to 2 kilometers more going to the Merlion. It was continuously raining at that time, plus we were carrying a huge bag of pasalubongs, so it was really a huge hassle for us.

From where we stand, we can actually already see the other side of the bay where Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, and ArtScience museum are located. Seeing the Merlion for the first time was a very surreal experience. We couldn’t hide the kilig and excitement. As usual, we took photos with the Merlion, then walked towards the Jubilee Bridge going to Esplanade where we took a 15-minute break. At this time, Kel and I were already tired from ALL the walking.

After the quick rest, we walked through Helix bridge going to ArtScience Museum. Kel and I were scheduled to visit an installation inside around 2pm. It was already 1pm or 1:15pm at that time so we had little time to eat. I left Kel near the museum then looked for a nearby restaurant where we could eat. The nearest (and cheapest) I found was Pepper Lunch at a food court near the area. After eating, we went straight to ArtScience Museum to view the Future World installation.

We finished around 4pm then went to Marina Bay Sands. I don’t know what it was with me but I was really frightened by the height of the buildings, escalators, and passage ways. We wanted to see the Gardens by the Bay but I was already really tired from all the walking (plus I annoyingly had my 1st day of menstruation that day!!!!!). So we just decided to head back to our hotel to fix our things and prepare for our red-eye flight.



We left the hotel around 6pm and arrived in the airport around 6:30pm, just in time for us to reimburse our SGD10.00 from the MRT unlimited pass. We also reimbursed our Travel Tax from the goods we purchased at Universal Studios. We finished all the necessary airport requirements and to do’s around 8PM.

The other reason why we wanted to be early in the airport apart from the MRT closing at around 8:30pm, is that Kel wanted to explore Changi airport and look for the arcade area. Haha. What a geek. Anyway, we decided to eat first before exploring the airport. We finally tasted the famous Chicken Hainanese Rice. It was really different and definitely more delicious than the ones we have here in the Philippines. Then Kel bought each of us a huge Coffee Mcflurry.


After that, honestly, everything was a blur as I was already soooooo tired from all the walking we did the past 3 days. I remember Kel buying me another Iced Milo (or maybe that was Iced Coffee?), us having our foot massage at the available foot massage machine in the airport. We arrived here in the Philippines around 5:30 in the morning. We stopped by my place to sort all our stuff and share stories with my mom and sisters. Kel went home then headed straight to his gig while I slept at my place the whole day.

Day 3 Schedule:

  • 7:00AM – Leave Hotel
  • 7:30AM – Breakfast at Albert Food Center (Bugis Village)
  • 8:00AM – Haji Lane
  • 9:30AM – 11:00AM – Orchard Road
  • 11:30AM – Merlion Park
  • 12:30PM – Esplanade, Helix Bridge
  • 1:30PM – Lunch
  • 2:00PM – ArtScience Museum
  • 4:00PM – Marina Bay Sands
  • 5:00PM – Arrived in the hotel
  • 6:00PM – Early checkout
  • 7:00PM – Arrived at Changi Airport
  • 8:00PM – Dinner at the airport
  • 1:00AM – Flight back to Manila
  • 5:30AM – Welcome Home

Day 3 Expenses:

I honestly forgot how much we spent that day (this is why you write your blog right after your travel hahaha). But we exchanged another PHP 1000.00 for SGD to buy pasalubongs, then reimbursed a total of SGD 17.00. I ended up having SGD 30.00 remaining in my pocket which I exchanged when we got back in the Philippines.

It was a really wonderful experience. Singapore was the best first out of the country trip for us. Kel and I both want to go back to Singapore on a regular basis (once a year? every two years?). That’s how much we love the city. There’s still so much more to see and explore and we couldn’t wait to go back!


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