The Sunday Currently | Vol. 13

I know it’s not a Sunday, but I woke up this morning feeling a little bit extra~ about myself and life so I’m just gonna go and blog about what’s current or not. šŸ˜‰


I am not reading any book as of this moment (OMG WHO ARE YOU) although I still have a lot of books in my to-be-read pile. šŸ˜¦ What I’ve been reading a lot lately are articles about performance management, talent management, and succession management. Yeah. Boring stuff. But I actually like that. Makes me want to go back to school to study. 

I also want to read the second installment of Kevin Kwan’s Rich series, China Rich Girlfriend. Been meaning to get myself a copy of that book. Note to self: Buy China Rich Girlfriend before leaving for Iloilo 2 weeks from now!


In my last Sunday Currently post, I wanted to continue writing my Singapore Travel Blog. I was able to write only until Day 2. Let me see if I can write about the Day 3 and some of my reflections today. 


I am currently watching This Is Us, Gossip Girl, and some movies I got from YTS. Haha. I love This Is Us but it is too emotionally dragging that I had to stop watching mid-season. BUT PLEASE DO WATCH THIS IS US. OLD MILO IS EVERYTHING. SO DADDY. Gossip Girl, on the other hand, became a bit toxic for me. I just started with Season 1 and I didn’t like the bitch’s appearance (I forgot her name, the other friend of Blakely, who is she nga) so I stopped and just read the plot/summary. Hahaha!


To the hum of my AC and electricfan. Haha. I love how chill this day is. I wish all Mondays are like this. Hay. I miss UP. I miss spending my Mondays at home, finishing papers for the coming week, or meeting with classmates and friends for our projects, doing prod stuff with my orgmates, then meeting Kel after haha.


I cannot understand some people who says one thing then does another. Aren’t they bothered by the dissonance created by their thoughts and actions? Or is it just me? Kaya walang pag-unlad sa pagkatao eh. *insert eyeroll emoji*


I get to spend the rest of the day productively. Kel and I had plans about today but most of it got cancelled because of some family errands he needs to attend to. So until he’s free to proceed with our plans, I’m free to do something else that’s not on my to do list for today – like doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and other strong independent woman things. Nuks. Hahaha.


Today’s breakfast. Currently eating Tita Buena’s ensaimada, and drinking a hot cup of classic Old Town coffee. I rarely get moments like this since most of my mornings are spent rushing to get ready for work. Hahaha. 


To get started with my chores and to do’s for today. I feel so high and extra and pumped! 


Really good about today. 

The post button now…



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