Little Things

6 years into the relationship and I still feel kilig about the little things you do for me. Maybe that’s the thing about not being into grand gestures and big things – we get to appreciate even the littlest of things that we do for each other. But more than anything else, thank you for […]

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Random Stories

Kel and I were talking about potential costumes for me for our company’s halloween party this October. Then I showed him what the HR team previously wore. It was actually Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead. But I couldn’t remember the exact name… Me: Ano yung latest 007 movie? Kel: Skyfall Me: Yon. […]

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Life Lately | Vol 1

Today, I’m introducing a new segment on my blog entitled ‘Life Lately’. So just like what the title suggests, it is just basically a rundown of things happening in my life (or in general) lately.  This shall replace ‘The Sunday Currently’ segment. This will be really just a list of things on my mind. I […]

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Now on Spotify

It was once just a dream, an inside joke of sorts. I initially wanted to surprise Kel and show him that his songs are already uploaded on Spotify but the process proved to be more complicated than I thought. So I left the project behind and forgot all about it until recently when we have […]

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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 14

It’s been a very restful weekend for me. And while I wasn’t able to do what I initially wanted to do, I’m very grateful for the extra sleep and rest I got this weekend. I’am currently psyching myself up for the coming week. I have scheduled trips to 3 different cities (for work, though I […]

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